Season 2, Episode #4 – Pain & Gain

September 15, 2021

9/11 will live on in our hearts and minds. The pain we each felt, the horror we witnessed. So many first responders died in order to save lives. We became a truly united Country, for a moment in time. No one can touch the American Spirit!

How can pain and history help you and I solve some of our biggest challenges? Join us as we explore, Pain & Gain.

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Season 2, Episode #3-Meet Chris Belland

Mr. Chris Belland is an author, Wharton graduate, columnist, real estate developer and the CEO/Founder of Historic Tours of America.

Known as America’s Storyteller, Historic Tours of America operates in seven historic cities, with over 2 million guests a year. I highly recommend checking them out.

Chris’ passion for history began when he was a child. His Dad took him to The Barnacle House in Miami. He was fascinated with the people and stories behind the old house, he has been hooked on history ever since.

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Season 1, Episode #2 – Mental Case

October 14, 2020

What happens after you fail? Today we take a look at examples in American History of some big failures, that turned out to become big winners! How did they do it? They understood the battle is in the mind. Proper focus, determination and imagination! . . . The beauty of our great American outdoors, from sea to sea should be explored! Recharge your spirit and get inspired!

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Season 1, Episode #1 Helping Mangos, Pioneers . . . Imagine!

October 1, 2020

Pain has been inflicted upon us, very few have escaped. Fortunately, we don’t have to endure this pain for long. How did American pioneers handle tremendous pain? How did they prevail? We know the outcome, but can you imagine what they must have been thinking? Today we explore these questions and the three areas in history that could help you spark your imagination and unlock the answer to your challenge today. Don’t forget to explore America!

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Season 1, Episode #6 – “It’s You”

December 15, 2020

You and I have heard the phrase, “If you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.” Today we explore just how to learn from history and this isn’t just any old history lesson, this is a very special show, it’s all about YOU and your history!

We will remind you of the past events that helped shape your life and take a look at those events through a different lens. You may even learn something new, about an old event that made an impact in your life. Perhaps you’ll be able to solve a challenge, that has bothered you for years.

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Season 1, Episode #5 – Pages and Pioneers

December 01, 2020

Do you love what you do for a living? We obviously spend most of our lives “on the job.” Today’s podcast investigates how history, i.e. American Pioneers could help you and I with some of our biggest career challenges. Pioneers paved the way for all of us, in every kind of industry, why not tap into their way of thinking! We drill down and focus on what it means to learn from those who have been there and done that and just how and why it means business to you and me.

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Season 1, Episode #4 – “Living” History

November 14, 2020

Imagine looking forward to your Golden Years! Imagine making a greater impact on the world around you, after retirement. Imagine helping others, while helping yourself. Could you use the help of a mentor, right now? Join us on today’s podcast as we explore the benefits of aging and perhaps even help spark your imagination.

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Season 1, Episode #3 American Stories

October 28, 2020

If every picture tells a story, imagine the stories behind every statue! They give us a snapshot into the life and lives of those living during their time. They were important enough to dedicate time and money to their creation. Statues give us a window into the social mores and values of the people that admired them. It displays the growth of a town, city, region and nation, at various stages of history. The attempted destruction of history tells a lot about those who seek to destroy it and about those that seek to protect and preserve it as well.

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