The Pioneer-Mindset Part 3


What’s causing you so much pain right now? What’s your challenge? You can turn to many books, programs, and gurus for possible solutions. We all have plenty of options and you’re capable, I understand. What I’m attempting to address here is one way, not the only way.

History does repeat itself. This is something we all understand and it’s right under our nose. Perspective and perseverance is hard to beat. American pioneers come in all shapes and sizes, not just found on the pages of history. They found a way, we know the outcome. Perhaps they can help you right now?

We often think of the American pioneers along with the Pilgrims that landed in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 and Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, when we hear the word pioneer. Think about this, our very first English settlement, Jamestown was established by entrepreneurs, seeking to create wealth and prosperity. Plymouth is a symbol of the Pilgrims quest for religious freedom. Both of these goals, we take for granted today.

They had no idea what they would face. They knew it would be a challenge, but just how harsh, they could not have known. Death and extreme hardship was all around them, they forged ahead and adapted as best they could. Captain John Smith and William Bradford left their fingerprints on the pages of history.

Pedro Menendez de Aviles however, beat them all to the New World and established America’s 1st permanent settlement, St Augustine in 1565. He claimed it for Spain. Now, did the pioneers and Pilgrims from 1565, 1607 and 1620 have the luxury of knowing their outcome? The pain and challenges they faced had to be met with how well prepared they were, physically and most importantly mentally. The same holds true today for you and for me.

Let’s take a look at an unusual pioneer, if there is such a thing. He is someone you probably don’t think of as a pioneer. He is not only in the news, he is the majority of the news today. He falls into two of the three areas of history we covered in the HMB Mango story. He can be found on the pages of history and as a senior, he’s part of “living” oral history. He’s the oldest person elected president at age 70, the 1st billionaire, non politician/military leader elected president in American history. The brash NYC real estate developer and hotel magnet has an empire spanning from New York around the globe. Obviously we are talking about Donald J. Trump. This is not a political angle, I must disclose this in today’s environment. For example, in our documentary film we explore JFK, Trump and Truman.

Remember, in the early 1990’s Donald Trump was over 900 million dollars in debt and sinking fast. He had to find a way or he was going to lose everything (Remember John DeLorean and many others lost it all). He told his wife at the time, Marla Maples, you see that homeless man over there? He is worth more than me. So, he negotiated with his creditors, made a deal, adjusted his business plan, changed his focus and within a few years was worth billions more than ever before and would go on to become the most powerful man in the world. Like him or not, this man knows who he is, has the kind of mental focus and work ethic we all could aspire to achieve.

The pioneer-mindset is how History Means Business®! It’s how you and I can solve huge, painful challenges, with a little imagination.

No matter how old you are, right now today no matter what your pain and challenge is, can you think of a way your most admired pioneer, past or present, might inspire you?

Remember, focus is critical. Focus on how they must have been thinking. What was driving him or her?

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Season 1, Episode #4 – “Living” History

November 14, 2020

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