About Rod Lance Morton and Morton Imagine Company

Rod tells his story on the Salem Radio Network. Click here.

Rod’s goal is to inspire you with a unique look at history. By gaining a new perspective on oral; i.e., “living” history, the pages of history and your own history.  Rod demonstrates how wisdom and knowledge of the past can benefit you today.

Rod serves as president & CEO of Morton Imagine Company. He speaks with levity and enthusiasm.  As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, Rod has addressed thousands of people over the past 25 years.  Prior to creating the documentary film, HMB History Means Business® America, the TV show, History Means Business® and founding MIC with his wife Helena, Rod was a Stockbroker and Vice President for nearly 20 years working at Wall Street based firms and major banks.

(He preached his first sermon before his career began at age 12)

Rod is a published author.  His book, Buttonwood 24 tells a story filled with mystery, Wall Street history and romance.  You can learn more about the book on the following pages.

University of North Carolina – Asheville B.A. History

Rod and Helena are active in the Orlando community where they live with their dog Lucky.

Book Rod for your next company, community or church event.  Get inspired! . . . learn how history can mean business to you!!

Rod Lance Morton






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