Season 1, Episode #2 – Mental Case

October 14, 2020

What happens after you fail? Today we take a look at examples in American History of some big failures, that turned out to become big winners! How did they do it? They understood the battle is in the mind. Proper focus, determination and imagination! . . . The beauty of our great American outdoors, from sea to sea should be explored! Recharge your spirit and get inspired!

Explore America!

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The Pioneer-Mindset Part 2


Pioneers faced the unknown and overcame huge challenges! When we try to put ourselves in their shoes and understand what they must have been thinking in order to succeed, we could solve our own huge challenge, but it takes a little imagination.

For example, President Washington and President Lincoln faced the ultimate wars, with battles of an unknown outcome for an entire nation. Death and bloodshed was all around them. They had to stay focused, for them it was the ultimate mental challenge. For Washington it was all about creating a free nation under God and for Lincoln, it was keeping the free nation under God in one piece and not divided.

In American business, we have examples of this mental challenge on a different battlefield. Isn’t so much of our lives all about mental focus? Haven’t you had a big fat problem that wouldn’t go away, until you…

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