American Stories


So much of what we cover is simply a reminder, a way to jog your memory and encourage you to take action and understand you are not alone.

You know darn well that History Means Business® to you on many levels. We’ve already explored the wilderness and cultural activities, why not seek out the statues that were dedicated and erected, along the way? Why were they important to the towns, cities, regions and our nation? Check them out as you continue to explore. The rest of us can dream of past journeys and plan our next destination.

We’ve already explored some of the American pioneers that helped pave the way for this great nation. History Means Business® when we have the pioneer-mindset, (worth repeating). Like any mindset, it takes time to form a habit in order to get to that point, it takes vigilance to maintain. Fortunately, we have plenty of American pioneers, past and present, for inspiration. You are at the very top of this list! Remember to focus on your past experiences and tap into others that can really inspire you and help you grow! No matter how young or how old you are, you and I can always grow.

We can always gain a new perspective, as you know, when we look at a situation from a different lens. The American story obviously includes you and it includes me. It includes all of us as Americans, past and present. Some of us are just a number, a statistic included in everything that makes up our lives and those that came before us. At least on paper. I would assume want more, I know I do for sure.

I am not expressing or even eluding to you that I have the answers for you. That’s not at all what I’m stating. You and I decide what we focus on and how each of us see circumstances from the past in similar ways to what is going on and has happened in the world you live in, it’s unique to you and to me. Pain however, winning and losing isn’t unique to you, nor to me, is it?

Let’s take a look at what has happened this year in parts of America and, in some cases, still happening. American history has been under attack. Statues and monuments damaged, destroyed or taken down in far too many cities across this country. People can try as they want, but they cannot destroy our history. It is a part of you and me, we will carry it forward into the Ages. It belongs to all Americans, we experienced it through the veins of our ancestors. The wisdom of our fellow Americans, can never be underestimated. We will never let the misinformed, violent or otherwise tear down and destroy the very people that helped build us up in the 1st place.

The statues and monuments being destroyed or those they desire destroyed are often symbols of our great nation at various stages in our history. It shows our growth, our changes for good and a better way along the way. Like slavery, it’s a snapshot of the men and women i.e., the pioneers, that paved the way for change. It is a window into the past of our social mores and values.

Until photography was invented in the 1840’s we only had statues, monuments and paintings to commemorate our heroes . Mathew Brady captured the images of a nation torn apart, brother against brother, tremendous pain to move America forward in a unified, right direction.

Statues and monuments continue to be a fitting way to honor those American icons that mean so much to the people that honored them, in that snapshot of American History.

As we look at a statue of Washington, Lincoln or perhaps Fredrick Douglas, the meaning we attach to such a dedication is limited to our own understanding of the person whose image we stand before. It has little context to the one with little understanding of why the men and women at that time, voted and sacrificed time and money to detail the creation of such a gift to future generations. In an instant, some inane decision by those lacking wisdom and void of reason and judgement with a foolish ideology destroy what had been intended for the Ages. Contemplate this as you continue your journey.

Explore America!

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